Bay of Saint Louis

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Bay of Saint Louis
Location Southwest coast of Mississippi
Coordinates 30°20′49″N 89°19′01″W / 30.347°N 89.317°W / 30.347; -89.317Coordinates: 30°20′49″N 89°19′01″W / 30.347°N 89.317°W / 30.347; -89.317
Type Estuary
River sources Jourdan River
Wolf River
Basin countries United States
Average depth 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in)
Salinity <20 (average)
Settlements Pass Christian
Bay St. Louis

The Bay of Saint Louis (Bay of St. Louis, St. Louis Bay) is a shallow-water, partially enclosed estuary of the northeast Gulf of Mexico along the southwestern coast of Mississippi.[1][2][3][4] The estuary receives freshwater input from two blackwater, or swamp-land, tributaries of the Mississippi River, the Jourdan River on the west and the Wolf River on the east and some smaller streams (Bayou Portage); these are mixed in the bay with salt water from Mississippi Sound and the Mississippi Bight.[1][2] The waters are comparatively well mixed, with an average salinity of less than 20.[2]

The Bay of Saint Louis is classified as an "impaired" waterway by the United States Environmental Protection Agency due to high fecal coliform levels in the waters from urban development on the bay and surrounding waters.[5]


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