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Bayangovi District
Баянговь сум
Bayangovi District is located in Mongolia
Bayangovi District
Bayangovi District
Location in Mongolia
Coordinates: 44°44′04″N 100°23′33″E / 44.73444°N 100.39250°E / 44.73444; 100.39250Coordinates: 44°44′04″N 100°23′33″E / 44.73444°N 100.39250°E / 44.73444; 100.39250
Country  Mongolia
Province Bayankhongor
Time zone UTC+8

Bayangovi (Mongolian: Баянговь, also Bayangov' or Bayangobi, Rich gobi) is a sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province in south-eastern Mongolia. It is situated approximately 40 kilometres south of the lake Orog Nuur, 170 km from provincial capital Bayankhongor and 650 km south-west of Ulaanbaatar. Bayangovi is surrounded by the Ikhee Bogd mountain range, and by desert.

Outside the small town of Bayangovi are a number of desert sites of natural and cultural interest.[1] About 90 km east of Bayangovi lies Tsagaan Agui. The cave once housed Stone Age human beings 700,000 years ago and features a crystal-lined inner chamber. At Tsagaan Bulag, 18 km south, a white rock outcrop has the faint imprint of an anthropomorphic figure. Sixty-six kilometres south-west of Bayangovi is the petrified forest at Ulaan Shand. The area is littered with stone logs and stumps.