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Beaufort Station
M&E commuter rail station
Location 10 Eisenhower Parkway
Roseland, NJ
Coordinates 40°49′04″N 74°19′47″W / 40.81778°N 74.32972°W / 40.81778; -74.32972Coordinates: 40°49′04″N 74°19′47″W / 40.81778°N 74.32972°W / 40.81778; -74.32972
Closed 1928

Beaufort was a railway station on the Morristown and Erie Railway in Roseland, New Jersey in the United States.[1] The same name is also rarely used for the neighborhood of southwestern Roseland near the former railway station. The station building currently houses the Orange-Alden Fuel Company. That address is 10 Eisenhower Parkway in Roseland and is near the Livingston border. The Beaufort station was located not far from what is today Beaufort Avenue in Livingston. Before the Eisenhower Parkway was built Beaufort Avenue continued from Livingston to Eagle Rock Avenue in Roseland.

The station was started after 1906 when residents of the neighborhood constructed a wooden shed to serve as a station along the M&E, whose passengers were familiar with multiple flag stop stations along the line but wanted regularly scheduled service to their neighborhood. Eventually the M&E Railway company constructed the station building that stands today. Passenger service along the line stopped in 1928.[2]

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