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An American Translation
William F. Beck - The Holy Bible in the language of today an American translation.jpeg
Full name The Holy Bible, An American Translation
Abbreviation BECK
Language English
Complete Bible
Authorship William F. Beck
Publisher Leader Publishing Company: New Haven, MO

Beck's American Translation is an abbreviated version of "The Holy Bible: An American Translation" by William F. Beck (abbreviated BECK, but also AAT; not to be confused with Smith/Goodspeed's "An American Translation" done earlier, which is abbreviated AAT or SGAT). The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's Concordia Publishing House published his "An American Translation--The New Testament In The Language Of Today" in 1963.

The preface to the 1976 Bicentennial edition, written by Herman Otten, states:

Dr. Beck wrote on a hospital bed while under oxygen shortly before his death on October 24, 1966 in a statement titled "My Old Testament": "Promotion of my translation will run up against special difficulties with my exact translation of the prophecies and every doctrinal passage. Modernist powers use all their tricks and tyranny to oppose a Christ-centered Bible." ... The 1967 convention of this church in a resolution titled "To Encourage Publication of Dr. Beck's Translation of Old Testament" resolved "That we encourage Concordia Publishing House to continue its negotiations to make Dr. William Beck's translation available to the public as soon as possible."

Dr. Beck wanted his translation to become the official translation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, however, the Synod has no official English translation.

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