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Bedford S Type
Bedford S (1956).jpg
1956 Bedford S truck
Manufacturer Bedford Vehicles
Model years 1950-1959
Layout FR
Engine 4.92 l (300 in3) I6 Bedford petrol
Optional Bedford, Perkins or Leyland diesel
Transmission 4 speed manual
Successor Bedford TK

The Bedford S was a heavy truck produced in Britain between 1950 and 1959 and known as the Big Bedford.


The S was launched at the Commercial Vehicle Show in 1950.[1] Known as the "Big Bedford", it was the largest Bedford truck available at the time, with a gross vehicle weight of 7 long tons (7,100 kg).


The truck was originally fitted with a 4.92 l (300 in3) 6-cylinder Bedford petrol engine that produced 110 bhp (82 kW) at 3200 rpm.[1] Drive was through a four speed manual gearbox that introduced synchromesh to the top three gears. Final drive in the rear axle was by hypoid gears. The Perkins R6 diesel engine was made an option in 1953, soon joined by the Leyland O.350, and Bedford's own diesel in 1957.[2]


The Bedford S was used extensively by haulers and general trades through the 1950s and 1960s. The chassis was used for fire engines and to carry the first liquid egg tanker.[3]

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