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Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits (MBWS) is a French wine and spirits producer and distributor. The company was founded in 1991. It is listed on the French stock market, and is a member of the CAC Small 90 index.


The company operates primarily in France, Poland, and in the United-States, producing and distributing a range of wines and spirits,[1] such as the vodka brands Sobieski and Krupnik, the whisky William Peel, the liquor range Marie Brizard, the Gautier cognac, and the tequila San Jose. It also owns a wide range of wines, including Moncigale, Marques del Puerto, and the flavoured wine brand Fruits & Wine.


As of February 13, 2017, the largest shareholders of the company are:
Cofepp : 21,89%[2]
Diana holding : 14,04%[3]
DF Holding : 5,29%
Azvalor Asset Management SGIIC : 5,06%[4]
Others : 59,56%


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