Benedetto Stay

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Benedetto Stay
Born 1714
Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Republic of Ragusa (now Croatia)
Died 1801
Rome, Papal States
(today's Italy)
Occupation churchman
Nationality Ragusan

Benedetto Stay (1714–1801) was a Ragusan Roman Catholic clergyman, educated by Jesuits, he attended the academic assemblies of Marin Sorgo, beginning the composition of a poem on Alexander Farnese. Later on he published "Saggio sull'uomo", based on the system of Descartes.


Stay came from the Stay family from Antivari (Bar) (now Montenegro). His grandfather, after whom he was named, was a painter.[1] At the age of 28, he journeyed to Rome and became the pupil of Silvio Valenti Gonzaga at the Sapienza University of Rome. Pope Clement XIII conferred on him the position of secretary of Latin letters and Clement XIV named him Head of the Secretariat. He died on February 25, 1801.


He was the author of two Latin poems, one on the Cartesian philosophy in 6 books (Venice 1744) and the other on that of Newton in 10 books (1755–1792). Besides, he wrote three orations: one on the death of Clement XII, one for the election of his successor, and the third on the death of August III, king of Poland.


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