Beni Walks by Himself

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Beni Ecën Vetë
Directed by Xhanfise Keko, Leonat Krasniqi
Written by Kiço Blushi, Leonat Krasniqi
Starring Yllka Mujo
Dhorkë Orgocka
Release date
Running time
80 minutes
Country Albania
Language Albanian

Beni walks by himself (Albanian: Beni Ecën Vetë) is a 1975 comedic Albanian children's film directed by Xhanfize Keko and written by Kiço Blushi.


Beni is an eight-year-old boy living in Korçë with his parents. Beni leads a sheltered life. His mother is very protective and doesn't let him play outside. When Beni is able to go outside, the neighborhood children make fun of him, often calling him a "scaredy cat" and a "mama's boy." One day when his uncle Thomai is visiting, he sees Beni crying after the other children took his horse. Thomai decides to take Beni on horseback to a distant village where he teaches him about life and how to be a man. In the village Beni learns a great deal and blossoms into a mature boy. On the way back to the city Beni doesn't need to ride on horseback, he is able to walk all the way home on his own.


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