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Rendalen community center in Bergset
Øvre Rendal Church

Bergset is the administrative centre of the municipality of Rendalen in Innlandet, Norway. Its population (SSB 2005) was 266. Bergset was also the administrative centre of the former municipality of Øvre Rendal which is now a part of Rendalen. Bergset is situated in the largely rural valley of Østerdalen.[1][2]

Øvre Rendal Church (Øvre Rendal Kirke) in Bergset dates to 1761. The wooden church building has 350 seats. The Rendalen Village Museum in Bergset contains a collection relating to the author Jacob Breda Bull (1853–1930), who was a resident of Rendalen. Nearby Ytre Rendal Church is the site of his burial.[3][4][5]


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  • Haugen, Aslaug Sikveland (2008) Kirker og kirkeliv i Øvre Rendal — i anledning Øvre Rendal kirkes 250 år 1759-2009 (Øvre Rendal menighetsråd) ISBN 978-82-303-1111-0

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