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BiZZdesign Architect
BiZZdesign Architect 4.3.1 screenshot.jpg
BiZZdesign Architect 4.3.1 screenshot
Developer(s) BiZZdesign
Stable release Architect 4.5.4 / 2014-10-20
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish
Type Enterprise architecture modeling
License proprietary

BiZZdesign Architect is a visual modeling and design tool for Enterprise Architecture, that supports the application of ArchiMate and TOGAF, as well other enterprise architecture frameworks.

The platform supports the modelling, visualisation, analysis and documentation of enterprise architecture from different viewpoints and with multiple views. Additionally it supports the modeling business goals and requirements.[1] It also supports automatic data collection, and can import data from office applications.[2]

BiZZdesign Architect is developed by BiZZdesign and first released in 2004. Its development is based on the results of the ArchiMate project, and intends to offer a high value enterprise architecture modelling tool which business management itself can control.[3] In 2012 it is recognized by Gartner and Forrester Research[4][5] as one of the notable enterprise architecture tools.


Support of enterprise architecture frameworks, such as:[6]

And other related frameworks.

Besides these architecture frameworks the tool also has native support for and interoperability with:


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