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Big Guns (born 1987) is a gay pornographic film produced by the Laguna Pacific studio and distributed by Catalina Video.[1]

The cast included Mike Henson, Kevin Williams, Chad Douglas, Chris Gray, Jeff Boote, Jeff Quinn, John Davenport, John Rocklin, Kevin Wiles, and Mike Ryan.

Director/writer/cinematographer: William Higgins; Editors: Chet Thomas, Mark Steele and Marc Fredrics; Music: Costello Presley; Camera: John Travis. Original running time: 104 minutes. The film was re-released on DVD in 2007 as "Big Guns: 20th Anniversary Edition" and was remastered, color corrected and restored with its original ending cut from the original feature film. The 20th Anniversary version runs 122 minutes.

A sequel, "Hot Rods: The Young and the Hung Part 2," was shot consurrently and released the following year. "Big Guns" ends with a cliff-hanger scene that plays out as the first scene in "Hot Rods." (Although "Hot Hods" is subtitled "The Young and the Hung Part 2" it is not a sequel to the 1985 WIlliam Higgins film "The Young and the Hung" starring Brian Estevez, Christopher Lance, Francois Papillon, Grant Fagan, J.T. Denver, Jim Erickson, Ken Kerns, Michael Gere, Terry Evans, Tex Anthony and Troy Ramsey). The unofficial sequel "Big Guns 2" was made in 1998.

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