Big Ideas (film)

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Big Ideas
Directed by Mike Smith
Produced by Robert Bruning
Adrienne Read
Written by Peter Neale
Starring Justin Rosniak
Gosia Dobrowolska
Harold Hopkins
London Films
Release date
Running time
90 mins
Country Australia
United Kingdom
Language English

Big Ideas is a 1993 TV movie,[1] touted as "From the Producers of Blue Heelers".


Jimmy Kovak attends a Sydney public (State) school, and is falling behind in his studies, partly because of his love of soccer, and his part-time work producing compost from garbage he collects, and which he sells at a local hardware store.

His next door neighbor has an antipathy to the Kovaks, at least partly because of their nationality, and runs a spiteful campaign against the boy, resulting in confiscation of his compost bins, and other harassment.

His widowed mother is handicapped by her inability to recognize the Latin alphabet (presumably she can read Cyrillic perfectly), and is too embarrassed to seek help, so is forced to accept piece-work, sewing at slave wages. Financial relief comes in the form of Sam Stevens, who recognizes the boy's ingenuity and offers him a contract to invent a chicken feeder. Sam gives Jimmy some valuable lessons in planning and time management.

Jimmy is made aware of oil pollution from a nearby outfall, and with a team of fellow students investigates its source and photographs the culprit in the act. His teacher, Mr. Searle, accepts the report as their Social Studies homework.

His mother grows closer to Sam Stevens, and enrolls in an English reading course.



Flashback Entertainment has had copies for sale, rated PG (Adult Themes), but it is hard to see why. There is no Sex, Nudity, Violence, Gore, Profanity, Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Frightening or Intense Scenes. The "Adult Themes" are loyalty, the futility of retribution, cooperation, politeness, planning ...


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