Billy Webb's Amazing Stories

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Billy Webb's Amazing Stories
Created by Andrew Davies
Starring Brian Hall
Mike Walling
Country of origin United Kingdom
Running time 30mins (Special: 60mins)
Original network CBBC

Billy Webb's Amazing Stories is a 1991 CBBC mini series, continuing the story of Billy Webb, a character in the book the series was based on, Alfonso Bonzo.

In this series, every episode starts with him and a friend in a cafe and Billy would tell him about the strange happenings . Billy's been having trouble with certain items he acquires from strange people including, pancake mixture that gives his whole class hiccups, a bike which flies and a strange watch. Billy and his friend soon discover the man is the same person, who appears every time he reads a certain book. They eventually find out how to stop him and, inevitably, get rid of him. The villain is played by a different actor each week in a minor role, until the last episode where he wears a thick striped blazer like a boating one.

Ratings (CBBC Channel)[edit]

Sunday 10 March 2002- 50,000 [1]


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