Bingham Park and Whiteley Woods

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View of Ranmoor from Bingham Park.

Bingham Park is a park near Ecclesall and Ranmoor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Bingham Park is a grassy area high on a hillside with views across the valley, to Ranmoor. A footpath, leaving Rustlings Road serpents the valley bottom towards Whiteley Woods'. The footpath ends at Forge Dam Park, passing several dams of the Porter Brook, including Shepherd Wheel. The park possesses tennis courts, a mini golf course and a bowling green, an astroturf and has lots of woodland. The astroturf is commonly used by local footballers.

This is how Bingham Park came to be - Just a few years after Queen Victoria died, Sir John Bingham, Bart. stood before his window with his wife, looking out at the land beyond. "Tell me", he said, "Would you like a diamond, or would you like me to buy all the land we can see from this window and give it to the children of Sheffield?". For that was where they lived.[1]

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