Bishops of Freising and Archbishops of Munich and Freising

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The following people were bishops, prince-bishops or archbishops of Freising or Munich and Freising in Bavaria:

The bear miracleSaint Corbinian of Freising, as a bishop, crossing the Alps on his way to Rome in 710, Jan Polack, oil on pinewood, 1489

Bishops of Freising[edit]

Establishment of episcopal organisation in Old Bavaria by Saint Boniface in 739.
Elevation to a Hochstift i.e. Prince-Bishopric in 1294

Prince-bishops of Freising[edit]

Prince-bishop Philip of the Palatinate (portrait around 1525/27)
Prince-bishop Albert Sigismund of Bavaria (1675painting)
Sede vacante as a result of the secularisation under Napoleonic rule (1803–1821)
Elevation to an Archdiocese in 1817/1821

Archbishops of Munich and Freising[edit]

Cardinal Döpfner at Munich's Corpus Christi procession in 1971

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