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Biyao is the heroine of a fantasy novel Zhu Xian (诛仙),[1] the daughter of the evil king of ghosts. She is a beauty and very lively. She always wears a green dress and smiles like flowers. She saved the hero Zhang Xiaofan[2] in Kongsang Mountain and strayed into the magic hole with him where she witnessed the evil predecessor’s past and accidentally got the acacia bell that’s the most valued treasure of Acacia Denomination. In the desperate situation, she lived and died together with Zhang Xiaofan, confided her life experience to him and fell in love with him at the same time. She also resolved the gap with his father which has kept for many years because of the accident. However, in the following war that justice against the evil, she used “infatuation curse” to block “slaughter fairy” sword to save Zhang Xiaofan’s life with the clearance of her own body and soul. Fortunately, a trace of her soul had been saved by the acacia bell, so her body was immortal. She had not been wakened for 10 years. When the Huqi Mountain collapsed because of the four spiritual blood matrix succeeded, Biyao’s body also missed, only left a corner of green clothes.


Firm in speech and soft in heart—dare to love, dare to hate—soft inside despite one's hard shell—gentle and kind.

Likes and dislikes[edit]

love Zhang Xiaofan’s everything, and aqua color. Dislike someone acting as if one is morally better than other people.


Sad flowers: it’s an odd treasure made by his father who has spent a great deal of effort. The flower can go with master’s will. It attacked the enemy, along with bursts of fragrance, pierced through human’s heart, sometimes divided into some small flowers or turned into a rain of flowers. That’s the main instrument used for her self-defense. Acacia Bell:[3] it was an exquisite small bell left by Mrs Acacia who was the founder of Acacia Denomination and one of the four evil treasure. Finally it forced to keep a ray of her soul.

Biyao’s quotes[edit]

From childhood to now, I also can’t count the number of people that want to please me and send treasures to me. But…even if the treasure of the whole world put before me, those can’t be compared with your sleeve that wiped my bamboo for me.

When I just stay alone here, I thought, if both of us haven’t escaped from and died in the Blood Hole. That may be good, at least I won’t regret it.