Pembroke Limestone Group

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Pembroke Limestone Group
Stratigraphic range: Lower Carboniferous
Rock of ages.jpg
Steeply dipping oolitic limestone of the Burrington Oolite Subgroup in Burrington Combe
Type Group
Unit of Carboniferous Limestone Supergroup
Sub-units Black Rock Limestone Subgroup, Burrington Oolite Subgroup
Underlies Marros Group
Overlies Avon Group
Thickness Up to 1025 m
Primary Limestone
Other Mudstone, sandstone
Region South Wales, Somerset
Type section
Named for Pembrokeshire

The Pembroke Limestone Group is a stratigraphic unit of Courceyan to Brigantian age (Lower Carboniferous) found in southern Wales and northern Somerset. It forms part of the Carboniferous Limestone Supergroup.[1]

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