Blaker, Netherlands

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Coordinates: 51°58′58″N 4°16′12″E / 51.98278°N 4.27000°E / 51.98278; 4.27000
Country Netherlands
Province Zuid-Holland
Municipality Westland

Blaker is a hamlet in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is located in the municipality of Westland (formerly De Lier),[1] about 2 km northeast of the village of De Lier.[2]

The hamlet consists of a single road, stretching between the Leê canal and the Noord Lierweg road.

The area in which the hamlet is located, the "Oude Lierpolder", used to be called "Blaker" as well.[3]


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Coordinates: 51°58′54″N 4°16′15″E / 51.98167°N 4.27083°E / 51.98167; 4.27083