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Single by Th' Dudes
from the album Where Are The Boys?
B-side "On The Rox"
Released May 1980 (New Zealand)
Format 7"
Recorded 1979
Genre Rock
Length 3:59
Label Key
Songwriter(s) Dave Dobbyn, Ian Morris
Th' Dudes singles chronology
"Walking In Light"
'Walking In Light'
'Bliss' / 'On the Rox'
Dave Dobbyn singles chronology
'Walking In Light' (with Th' Dudes)
(1979) String Module Error: Match not found1979
'Bliss' (with Th' Dudes)
(1980) String Module Error: Match not found1980
"'Lipstick Power'"
Music video
"Bliss" at NZ on Screen
'Lipstick Power'1981

Bliss was a single from New Zealand band Th' Dudes from their album Where Are The Boys? It was released in May 1980 and reached No. 25 on the New Zealand music charts.[1] It has since become a cult New Zealand drinking song. In 2001 the song was voted by members of APRA as the 50th best New Zealand song of the 20th century and featured on the Nature's Best 2 CD.


The song was written when the band were in Sydney, and so includes a number of references to Sydney landmarks.[2] It was written as a satirical take on the drunken audiences the band had to play to,[3] so there is some irony in that it has become a drinking song.[2] The song began with the title 'piss' (for alcohol), but was changed after pressure from the record company.[citation needed]

Music video[edit]

The music video was recorded at The Cricketer's Arms in Wellington.[2]


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