Blowin' Up the Machine

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Blowin' Up the Machine
Studio album by Meldrum
Released May 11, 2007 (Europe)
September 11, 2007 (U.S.)
Recorded Killer Catfight Studios, Office Studios, Oracle Post
Genre Heavy metal
Length 40:55
Label Locomotive Records (North America)
Frontiers Records (Europe)
Producer Meldrum
Meldrum chronology
Loaded Mental Cannon
(2001)Loaded Mental Cannon2001
Blowin' Up the Machine

Blowin' Up the Machine is the second album by the heavy metal band Meldrum, featuring a modified lineup compared to that of their 2001 debut Loaded Mental Cannon. The album features a guest appearance by Motörhead vocalist/bassist Lemmy, along with guitarist/founder Michelle Meldrum's long-time friends Gene Hoglan (of Strapping Young Lad and Dethklok) and Linda McDonald (of Phantom Blue and The Iron Maidens).[1] A music video for "Purge" was released to promote the album.[2]

This was the band's last album to be released while Michelle Meldrum was still alive. On May 21, 2008, she died of a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a cystic growth that restricted the flow of blood and oxygen in her brain.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Purge" (Michelle Meldrum, Frida Ståhl) – 4:39
  2. "Down Your Throat" (M. Meldrum) – 3:09
  3. "Scar" (Fredrik Haake, Moa Holmsten, M. Meldrum, F. Ståhl) – 3:39
  4. "Creme de la Creme" (F. Haake, M. Holmsten, M. Meldrum, F. Ståhl) – 4:45
  5. "Hang 'Em" (M. Holmsten, M. Meldrum, F. Ståhl) – 3:21
  6. "Miss Me When I'm Gone" (M. Holmsten, Ian Kilmister, M. Meldrum) – 3:28
  7. "Another Kind" (D. Chea, M. Holmsten, Harry Maslin, M. Meldrum, Michéle Vice) – 3:27
  8. "Exploited" (M. Holmsten, M. Meldrum, F. Ståhl) – 3:07
  9. "Get Yours" (D. Chea, M. Holmsten, H. Maslin, M. Meldrum, M. Vice) – 2:54
  10. "Get Me Out of Here" (M. Holmsten, I. Kilmister, M. Meldrum, F. Ståhl) – 5:01
  11. "Bite the Pillow" (M. Meldrum, F. Ståhl) – 3:20


Band members[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]


  • Brett Chassen - engineer, mixing
  • Tony Naima - engineer
  • Bob Kulick - mixing
  • Toby Wright - mixing of tracks 7, 9, 10


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