Blue Springs of Saula

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The Blue Springs of Saula (Estonian: Saula Siniallikad) are freshwater springs located in Saula Village, Kose Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia. There are three major springs that produce a flow of 20 to 30 litres (5.3 to 7.9 US gal) per second. The springs are differentiated by their color: blue-green (Blue Spring, Siniallikas), brownish black (Black Spring, Mustallikas), and blue-gray (White Spring, Valgeallikas). The water from the springs flows into the Pirita River.

The springs are protected as a natural monument, as well as a cultural heritage site.

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Coordinates: 59°12′54″N 25°02′34″E / 59.21500°N 25.04278°E / 59.21500; 25.04278