Bogdan (protovestijar)

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protovestijar of the Serbian Empire
Ktitors of Kalenić.jpg
Ruined ktitor composition from Kalenić. Bogdan's brother Petar to the left, Bogdan in the centre and Despot Stefan to the right.
Titles and styles
Born Second half of the 14th century
Died After 1426
Spouse(s) Milica
Occupation Financial manager

Bogdan (fl. 1407–26), was a Serbian magnate (velikaš) in the service of Despot Stefan Lazarević (r. 1402–27), with the title of protovestijar (financial manager). He was the ktetor (donator) of Kalenić monastery, built in 1407–13. He is mentioned in 1426 alongside veliki vojvoda Radoslav, čelnik Radič and logotet Voihna.[1] He had a brother, Petar. His wife was named Milica.

See also[edit]

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  • Bogdan, chancellor in the service of Despot Đurađ Branković


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