Boker’s Bitters

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Boker's Bitters were the preferred brand of bitters, specified in nearly every cocktail that called for bitters in Jerry Thomas' book, How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant's Companion. Among the known ingredients were cassia, cardamom, and bitter orange peel.


John G. Boker created the bitters in 1828.[citation needed] This was used in cocktails until the turn of the century, when the 1906 U.S. Food and Drugs Act limiting medical claims caused Boker's and most other bitters producers to cease production.[citation needed]

Until 2009, no samples of the bitters were known to exist, and as the recipe had never been published, recreating it seemed unlikely. That year, a man showed up at the London Bar Show with a small remaining sample, which was then combined with extensive research (including interviewing descendants of John Boker), to recreate a facsimile of the bitters.[citation needed]

Cocktails with Boker’s Bitters[edit]

  • Absinthe Cocktail
  • Champagne Cocktail
  • East India Cocktail
  • Faivre's Pousse Cafe
  • Fancy Brandy Cocktail
  • Gin Cocktail
  • Improved Cocktail
  • Japanese Cocktail
  • Jersey Cocktail
  • Knickerbein
  • Manhattan Cocktail
  • Martinez
  • Old Tom Gin Cocktail
  • St. Croix Crusta
  • Saratoga Cocktail
  • Sherry Wine and Bitters
  • Soda Cocktail
  • Vermouth Cocktail
  • Whiskey Cocktail
  • Whiskey Crusta


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