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Bonobo is a component model for creating reusable software components and compound documents. It was created by the company Ximian (acquired by Novell) for compound documents used in GNOME.

Bonobo was designed and implemented to address the needs and problems of the free software community for developing large-scale applications. It is inspired by Microsoft's OLE and is quite similar to it. Bonobo components are analogous to KParts in KDE. Bonobo is based on the CORBA architecture. Bonobo can, for instance, be used to embed an HTML component to show some text or an SVG component to display statistics taken from a database.

Available components are:

Planned deprecation[edit]

The GNOME release has officially deprecated Bonobo sometime since GNOME 2.4,[1] and developers have been advised to use or switch to an alternative such as D-Bus.[2]

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