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Bossanova is a Canadian musical group from Vancouver, British Columbia.


Bossanova formed in 1997 in Vancouver. Original members were guitarist/vocalist Chris Storrow, bassist Michael Boegh, drummer Tony Koelwyn and Greg Macdonald on organ and synthesizer.

The group released one 7 inch, and then an EP, I Give You...Bossanova, in 1997.[1] They later contributed to several compilations.

Bossanova's most recent release was Hey, Sugar on Teenbeat Records in 2006.[2] Members past and present include: Mike Boegh, Tony Koelwyn, Kurt Dahle, Shawn Mrazek, Megan Bradfield, Gregory Macdonald, Elaine Fung, Heather Campbell, Brian Weiser. The eclectic band blends soul, disco, pop, new wave, folk, and psychedelia[3]



  • Bossanova (cassette, 1997)
  • I Give You...Bossanova EP (CD, 1997)
  • Hey Sugar (CD, 2006)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Teenbeat Sampler (1999)
  • Amateurs On Plastic (2000)
  • Good Jacket Presents: Vancouver Special (2000)
  • ShoopDeDoop (2001)
  • Teenbeat Sampler (2003)
  • Teenbeat Sampler (2004)
  • Teenbeat Sampler (2008)


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