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Botero Museum
LocationCalle 11 # 4-41
Coordinates4°35′48″N 74°04′24″W / 4.59665°N 74.07323°W / 4.59665; -74.07323
TypeArt museum
Public transit accessMuseo del Oro station

The Botero Museum also known as Museo Botero is a museum located in Bogotá, Colombia. It houses one of Latin America's most important international art collections. It sees 500,000 visitors annually, around 1,000 daily, and of those 2,000 students per month.[1] Being in La Candelaria neighborhood of Bogotá, the museum is in close proximity to other important landmarks like the Luis Ángel Arango Library and the Gold Museum of Bogotá.


Patio of the museum

In the year of 2000[2] the Colombian artist Fernando Botero donated 208 art pieces, 123 of his own making and 85 of other international artists, to the Bank of the Republic. The Museum is administered by Banrepcultural.[3] With this collection, the Botero Museum was founded in the neighborhood of La Candelaria, the historic center of Bogotá, in a colonial mansion that was acquired by the Bank of the Republic and made suitable to house the art collection by Fernando Botero himself. Since November 1, 2000, the museum has been open to the public free of charge.[2]


The museum consists 123 works of Fernando Botero and 85 of other artists for a total of 208 works of art.[4] Highlights of the permanent collection include works by Balthus, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Sonia Delaunay, Claude Monet, and Henri Matisse.[5]



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