Boxer's Adventure

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Boxer's Adventure
Directed by Tyrone Shu
Chia Chih Li
Produced by Ng Yuk-Wan
Written by Cheung San-Yee
Starring Meng Fei
Tao-liang Tan
Blacky Ko
Jack Lung Sai-Ga
Lung Tien-Hsiang
Music by Fu Liang Chou
Cinematography Wan Wen Liao
Edited by Wong Chun-San
Release date
  • 10 February 1979 (1979-02-10)
Running time
93 minutes
Country Taiwan
Language Cantonese

Boxer's Adventure, also released as Militant Eagle, is a 1979 Taiwan martial arts action film starring Tao-liang Tan and Jack Lung Sai-Ga.


When the evil Yun Shi Kai threatens to take control of the local province, the royal minister realises that he must build an army to defeat him. He travels to Tiger village where he enlists the help of three of their finest fighters to aid him in his quest. They are teamed with Captain Lee (Tao-liang Tan) and sent out in advance to prepare the villages for the minister's arrival. Along the way they encounter ambushes, romantic interludes and devious plots that all threaten to stop them from completing their duties.


  • Tao-liang Tan as Captain Lee Tak Wai
  • Mang Fei as Chang Liu
  • Jack Lung Sai-Ga as Chow San
  • Blacky Ko as Lin Tien Kuen
  • Lung Tien-Hsiang as Ghost Palm Wei Ching
  • Wang Hsieh as Dong Zhong Cheng
  • Chang Chi-Ping as Steel Palm Seven
  • Cheung Wai as Wong Jing
  • Lung Suen as Governor Cai
  • Su Chiang as Chief of Hubao Clan

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