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Breifne O'Brien is an Irish socialite businessman and rogue financial advisor.[1] A key figure in Ireland's Celtic Tiger, he has been called "Ireland's Bernie Madoff". His residences included a lavish family home in Glenageary, an apartment on Dalkey’s Vico Road and a golfing villa in Barbados. He drove an Aston Martin DB7 and had close on 100 bank accounts.[2] After admitting in 2008 to his investors—many of whom were close friends—that he had taken millions of Euros of their money to fund a lavish lifestyle and could not pay it back, he was investigated by the Garda Síochána Fraud Squad.[3][4][5] He has since been bailed out by his mother and is on trial over his part in an investment fraud.[6][7] He pleaded guilty to a sample of charges brought against him involving sums totalling more than ten million euros. On October 8, 2014, O'Brien was sentenced to a seven-year term of imprisonment.[8] O'Brien appealed the sentence; the Court of Appeal denied the appeal in December 2015.[8] In July 2016, the High Court adjudicated O'Brien as bankrupt.[8]

His family home is Carrigrohane Castle in Cork, Ireland. His father Leo was a businessman and his younger brother is RTÉ rugby commentator Daire O'Brien.[6] Married to Fiona Nagle, he was renowned for hosting lavish parties at his home.[4][9]


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