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Hanalei (band)

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Hanalei is an indie rock/folk band from the Chicago area, and Bay Area in California.[1] Brian Moss heads the band along with Pete Croke and others from bands such as The Pines. Moss a singer/songwriter from the Bay Area (San Francisco) who later moved to Chicago and back again; his previous bands include Great Apes, The Ghost and The Wunder Years.[2][3] Hanalei began as a solo project of Brian Moss after The Ghost broke up,[4] and after one release entitled "We Are All Natural Disasters", Hanalei became a four-piece band, moving away from Postal Service-esque sound [citation needed], and becoming a folky-earthy [clarification needed] sounding band.

The band released "Parts and Accessories" in 2006.



  • We Are All Natural Disasters, Thick Records, 2004
  • Parts and Accessories, Thick Records, 2006
  • One Big Night, Brick Gun Records (US)/Big Scary Monsters(UK), 2010


  • Hurricane We, Self Released, 2003


  • Fifteen / For.The.Win. / Hanalei - Can You Spare Some Change? Split 7", Solidarity Recordings, 2010
Side B: Hanalei - Petroleum Distillation (Fifteen Cover)
  • Aspiga / Hanalei - Split 7", Jump Start Records (JST-072), 2012
Side B: Hanalei - Get Gone
Digital Download Only Track: Hanalei - Cut Dead


  • Hanalei Live at Schubas 01/07/2005, Re:Live, 2005 - Digital Release


  • Mean It Man, Thick Records, 2005
Track 9: Action Drum
Track 21: Chamomile (Live)


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