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Briar, Briars or Brier may refer to:

  • Briar (thicket) (also spelt brier), common name for a number of unrelated thorny plants that form thickets.





  • Briar Rose, the name of Sleeping Beauty in some versions of the story
  • Briar Moss, from the Circle of Magic and Circle Opens quartets by Tamora Pierce
  • The Briar King, a novel by Greg Keyes
  • Huckleberry Briar, a district in Strawberryland from the Strawberry Shortcake series, where Huckleberry Pie resides
  • Briar Cudgeon, a crazed ex-commander who wants revenge from Artemis Fowl
  • Briar, the evil sister of Rose in Bone (comic)
  • In Barbara Allen, a well-known folk ballad, the title character is identified with a briar in some versions


  • Brier score, a probability-related measure
  • Briar wood, wood from the root of Erica arborea, used for making smoking pipes
  • Briar (software), a project and application for mesh networking and resilient communications
  • Tim Hortons Brier (or simply "The Brier"), the Canadian men's curling championship

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