Bright's Passage

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Bright's Passage
Ritter - Bright's Passage coverart.png
First edition cover
Author Josh Ritter
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Dial Press
Publication date
June 28th 2011
Media type Print
Pages 208
ISBN 978-1-4000-6950-7

Bright's Passage is the debut novel by singer/songwriter Josh Ritter. It is published by Dial Press and was released June 28, 2011.[1] The first chapter had been previously released for free download on Ritter's official website.[2]


The novel follows a young, widowed veteran of the First World War, Henry Bright, as he and his infant son, along with an unlikely guardian angel flee from a forest fire and Bright’s cruel in-laws. Shifting between their strange journey through West Virginia’s hickory-canopied foothills, Bright’s plausible memories of the trenches of France, and recollections from his childhood, the novel is at times suspenseful and kinetic, quiet and eerie, and at times humorous.