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British Library, Add. 14669, Syriac manuscript of the New Testament, according to the Peshitta version, on parchment. Palaeographically it has been assigned to the 6th century. It contains fragments of the Gospels.[1]


It contains the text of the Gospel of Mark 14:71.72; 15:3-5.8-11.15.16; 15:17-40; Gospel of Luke 1:1-8 on 3 leaves (11 ½ by 8 ⅜ inches). The writing is in two columns per page, in 21-23 lines per page.[1] The writing is a large, elegant Estrangela.[1]

The manuscript is housed at the British Library (Additional Manuscripts 14669, fol. 34-36) in London.[1]

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