Bruce County municipal elections, 2010

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Elections were held in Bruce County, Ontario on October 25, 2010 in conjunction with municipal elections across the province.

Bruce County Council[edit]

Position Elected
Arran-Elderslie Mayor Paul Eagleson
Brockton Mayor David Inglis
Huron-Kinloss Mayor Mitchell Twolan
Kincardine Mayor Larry Kraemer
Northern Bruce Peninsula Mayor Milt McIver
Saugeen Shores Mayor Mike Smith
South Bruce Mayor Bill Goetz
South Bruce Peninsula Mayor John Close


Mayoral Candidate [1] Vote  %
Paul Eagleson 1,514
John K. G. Alpaugh 781
Peter L. McElwain 240
William Wallace Tooke 88


Mayoral Candidate [2] Vote  %
David Inglis 3,172
Charlie Bagnato (X) 1,266


Mayoral Candidate [3] Vote  %
Mitchell Twolan (X) Acclaimed


Mayoral Candidate [4] Vote  %
Larry A. Kraemer (X) 2,262
Laura Haight 2,224
Ronald J. Stephens 581

Northern Bruce Peninsula[edit]

Mayoral Candidate [5] Vote  %
Milt McIver (X) 2,725
Phillip Westbrook 804

Saugeen Shores[edit]

Mayoral Candidate [6][permanent dead link] Vote  %
Mike Smith (X) 4,790
Victoria Serda 1,273

South Bruce[edit]

Mayoral Candidate [7] Vote  %
Bill Goetz (X) 1,319
Les Nichols 1,024

South Bruce Peninsula[edit]

Mayoral Candidate [8][9] Vote  %
John Close 2,725
Paul Deacon 2,273
Gwen Gilbert (X) 1,408
Len Chabot 256
Jim Kerr 294