Bruce Lee's Secret

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Bruce Lee's Secret
Directed by Chan Wa
William Cheung Ki
Produced by Ng Yuk Wan
Written by Chan Wa
Cheung San Yee
Starring Bruce Li
Carter Wong
Hwang Jang Lee
Roy Horan
Robert Kerver
Alan Ellerton
Music by Stanley Chow Fook Leung
Cinematography William Cheung Ki
Distributed by Golden Sun Films
Release date
Running time
91 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Bruce Lee's Secret (aka Secret of Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu) is a 1976 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Chan Wa and William Cheung Ki, which is also a pseudo biopic of Bruce Lee. It stars Bruce Li as "Bob" Lee, whose life is essentially the same as Lee's and is on two occasions actually referred to as 'Bruce'. The film has been released under the alternate two film titles they were: The Story of the Dragon and Bruce Lee: Master of Jeet Kune Do. This film is not to be confused with another Bruce Lee biopic, Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story.


In San Francisco, Bruce "Bob" Lee (Bruce Li) works in a Chinese food restaurant with his wacky friend Chang Ming. When a gang of hoodlums is making trouble, Bob puts a lot of pepper on their chicken, making them sneeze a lot (and inspiring the immortal line, "This is pepper chicken. Good for gut's ache!").

Unfortunately, Bob and Chang are blacklisted from the bustling San Francisco Chinese restaurant community by the gang. They accidentally land a job at a shipyard after narrowly averting being run over by the owner's daughter's car. She tells them to get back to work, assuming they already work there unloading speaker cabinet boxes. The shipyard is attacked by members of the boxing gang that Bob beat up in the beginning of the film. At first, Bob and Chang refuse to fight to prevent losing their jobs again. However, they are called chickens by the shipyard owners, and after finally beating up some bad guys, people realize what an amazing martial artist Bob is, and encourage him to start his own kung fu school.

Bob's school opens to boffo business, but there is controversy among the powerful rival kung fu schools because Bob is teaching to non-Asians. He also creates Jeet Kune Do, and uses his newly improves martial arts ability to whup the baddies once and for all.


Filming started in late 1975 and finished early 1976. The film was made in Taipei and nearby areas. The restaurant scene at the start is in Bo-Ai street, Taipei. The bungalows are in a former US military housing complex near Taipei. The docks scenes are at Keelung. Some scenes were shot in the suburb of Peitou.


The film was poorly received by critics. Despite the negative reaction to this film, actor Hwang Jang Lee would later achieve stardom after appearing as the bad guy in Jackie Chan's breakout films, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master.

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