Buckwild Presents...

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Buckwild Presents
Buckwild Presents... EP.jpeg
EP by Buckwild
Released 2010
Recorded 1995–2010
Genre Hip hop
Length 34:27
Label No Sleep Recordings
Producer Buckwild
Buckwild chronology
Nineteen Ninety Now
Buckwild Presents

Buckwild Presents EP is a limited EP by Buckwild, following on the heels of his collaboration with Celph Titled, Nineteen Ninety Now. The EP was also released via No Sleep Recordings and is limited to 200 copies.

The A-side features further collaborations with Celph Titled and out-takes from Nineteen Ninety Now while the B-side collects previously unreleased or very rare remixes from the mid- to late 1990s.

Side A: Buckwild Meets Celph Titled[edit]

  1. "There Will Be Blood (LP Version)" (Ft. Sadat X, Diamond D, Grand Puba, O.C. & AG)
  2. "There Will Be Blood (Remix)" (Ft. Sadat X, Diamond D, Grand Puba, O.C. & A.G.)
  3. "Nothin' To Say" (Ft. Rise)
  4. "The Celph Titled Show"

Side B: Rare & Unreleased Remixes[edit]

  1. "Fast Life (Remix)" (Kool G Rap & Nas)
  2. "We Run Things (Remix)" (Da Bush Babees)
  3. "Next Level (Remix)" (Tha Alkaholiks & Diamond D)
  4. "Beware Of The Rampsack (Remix)" (Rampage)
  5. "Represent (Remix)" (Grand Daddy I.U.)