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Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society, Simon Stevin  
Discipline Mathematics
Language English, Dutch, French, German
Edited by Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Publication details
Belgian Mathematical Society (Belgium)
Publication history
1st series: 1947 — 1993
2nd series: 1994 — present
Frequency Five issues per year
ISSN 1370-1444

Simon Stevin (ISSN 0037-5454) was a Dutch language academic journal in pure and applied mathematics, or Wiskunde as the field is known in Dutch. Published in Ghent, edited by Guy Hirsch, it ran for 67 volumes until 1993.[1] The journal is named after Simon Stevin (1548–1620), a Flemish mathematician and engineer.

In 1994 a second series was started from volume 1 under the title Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society, Simon Stevin, and publishes mainly in English. Volumes of the second series are available from Project Euclid: Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society.

The editor is Hendrik Van Maldeghem.