Burkhard I, Count of Zollern

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Burkhard I
Count of Zollern
Burckhard I, Grav zu Zollern.png
Painting of Burkhard I from Peleș Castle
Noble family Hohenzollern
Father Friedrich of Sülichgau
Mother Irmentrud of Nellenburg
Born Before 1025
Died 1061

Burkhard I, Count of Zollern (Latin: Burcardus; born c. before 1025; killed as part of a feud in 1061[1]) is considered the first well-documented ancestor of the Hohenzollern dynasty.[2] Because of his name, it has been attempted to link the Hohenzollern family's descent to the medieval Burchardings family, but without success.[3] His father may have been Friedrich, a count in the Sülichgau area (roughly corresponding to today's Tübingen district). His mother may have been Irmentrud, the daughter of Count Burkhard of Nellenburg.[1]

In the annals of the monk Berthold of Reichenau from the year 1061, Buchardus de Zolorin and Wezil de Zolorin are mentioned. Based on this source, Burkhard was killed due to a feud. Little is known about the aforementioned persons themselves, or their possible relationship.

The next documented member of the dynasty is Friedrich I, Count of Zollern, who was probably a son or a grandson of Burkhard I.

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Burkhard I, Count of Zollern
Born: before 1025 Died: 1061
Preceded by
Lord of Zollern Succeeded by
Friedrich I