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The exterior of the museum, pictured in 2007

The National Museum of Gitega (French: Musée National de Gitega, Kirundi: Iratiro ry'akaranga k'Uburundi) is the national museum of Burundi. It is located in Gitega and was founded under Belgian colonial rule in 1955.[1] The museum is the largest of Burundi's public museums although its collection is displayed in a single room.[2] In 2014, it averaged 20–50 visitors per week.[3]

Founded by the Belgian rulers of Burundi in 1955, the museum was intended to preserve artefacts from Burundian folk culture which were declining as a result of modernisation and social change. The museum's collection includes ethnographic and historical objects originating in the country, including artefacts from the court of the Burundian monarchs.[3] The lack of funds has meant that the museum has made few recent acquisitions.[3]

In 2015, a catalogue of the museum's collection was published with the support of the German Embassy in Burundi entitled Le Patrimoine Burundais: le Musée de Gitega.[4]


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