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The Bustros family is a prominent Lebanese Christian Greek-Orthodox family. One of the “Seven Families” it is one of the original Beirut aristocratic families along with the descendants of Fernaine, Boutros, Sursock, Trad, Fayad, Tueni,Yammine and Gebeili families, who constituted the traditional high society of Beirut. Estate holders and feudal lords by origin, today they are business owners, artists and land owners throughout the country.

The surname Bustros is believed to spring out of another name of Greek origin, Salvestros, meaning the Savior. Coming from Greece in the 1660s the family moved to Cyprus for a few generations, until a Salvestros Bishop landed in Enfeh, in north Lebanon, then settled in the old city of Beirut. The actual name is sometimes preceded with the French article "de" meaning "of the house of"; although its use is diminishing today amongst members of the family.

Several members of the Bustros Family were among the founders of Spartali & Co, an important 19th century export-import company which is active up to the present.

"Palais Bustros", or the Bustros Palace, originally one of the residences of the Fadlallah branch, is today one of the historical landmarks of Beirut. The palace houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants. The palace of Nicolas Bustros, a 1930s landmark, was demolished during the civil war (1975/1990). A third palace belonging to the Abdallah branch, has been turned into a Fitness Club.

"Rue Selim Bustros" or Bustros Street in the Achrafieh district of Beirut is one of the commercial and business hubs of the Lebanese capital. "Rue Michel Bustros" is another street in the Achrafieh district which is commonly referred to as " Talaat Accaoui "

Beirut: The Last Home Movie is a documentary by Jennifer Fox and Gaby Bustros that peeks into the struggles that members of the Bustros family faced living in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war.

Some Prominent Members of the Bustros family[edit]

Street name in Jaffa
  • Dany Bustros bellydancer, socialite and stage actress
  • Michel de Bustros, founder of Chateau Kefraya, a Lebanese wine label and wine estate
  • Michel Sassine, Son of Laurice Bustros, prominent Lebanese politician
  • Serge Bustros and Andrée Chiniara Bustros; prominent medical researchers
  • Philippe de Bustros, Managing Director at AGC Equity Partners
  • Nagi Bustros; prominent cardiologist in New York; President of the Clinical Leadership at the Lutheran Medical Center
  • Joseph Bustros; prominent financier in New York
  • Thomas Bustros; cardiologist and soon to be electrophysiologist in New York
  • Carol Bustros; prominent marketing executive in New York
  • Thali Bustros; Lebanese super model
  • Evelyn Bustros activist for women's rights and social reformer; former president of the Lebanese Council of Women
  • Pierre Bustros De Bané; Canadian Senator and founder of the Canadian parliamentary group "Canada-Liban"
  • Antoine Bustros; famous Canadian composer, pianist, director/producer
  • Jean-Claude Bustros; Canadian film director, photographer and media professor
  • Nabil Bustros: Prominent Businessman, CEO at MIDIS Group.
  • Gaby Bustros: Artist, Environmental activist and Filmmaker.
  • Sabine Michel Bustros, Author of "Deux ou trois choses que je sais d'eux". Volume I & Volume II.
  • Mouna Boustros: a main character in Beirut, the Last Home Movie. Mouna Boustros died on August 6, 1989 after a shell hit the house she had refused to leave and vowed to either protect or die in.[1][2]