Harold Buttleman, Daredevil Stuntman

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Harold Buttleman, Daredevil Stuntman
Directed byFrancis Stokes
Written byFrancis Stokes
StarringJohn Hawkes
Karen Black
Dan Castellaneta
Ryan Alosio
Release date
CountryUnited States

Harold Buttleman, Daredevil Stuntman (also known as Buttleman) is a 2003 film written and directed by Francis Stokes; the only movie he has directed. It won the Jury Prize at the Deep Ellum Film Festival in 2003. It was awarded the audience award in the Had to Be Made Film Festival in 2005.

The film is a comedy about a small town tuxedo salesman who thinks he's the next Evel Knievel, a renowned American stunt man. It stars John Hawkes as Harold Buttleman, and co-stars Karen Black and Dan Castellaneta.

Francis Stokes released the film in its entirety on Video on YouTube on July 26, 2007, the film lasts 94 minutes.

This film features music from Splitsville's album The Complete Pet Soul.

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