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A button is a permanently attached object that is meant to fasten fabrics or is meant as decoration.

Button may also refer to:


  • Push-button, a switch meant to control a machine or a process
    • "The button" often refers specifically to a control (real or figurative) to activate a nuclear weapon
  • Button (computing), a virtual control displayed on a computer screen that can control software
  • Web button, or button graphic, a digital image used to represent a link to a specific web location

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Plants and animals[edit]

  • Buttons (plant), several genera of plants in the family Asteraceae
  • Button mushroom, sometimes shortened to just "button"
  • Button, the initial segment formed in the development of a rattlesnake's rattle


  • Button (name), an English surname
  • Button Gwinnett (1735–1777), a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence
  • Red Buttons (1919–2006), stage name of American comedian and actor Aaron Chwatt
  • John Button (1943–2014), British rally driver
  • Jenson Button (born 19 January 1980), British Formula One driver

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