CA Timișoara

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CA Timișoara
Full name Clubul Atletic Timișoara
Short name CAT
Founded April 26, 1902
Dissolved 1936

Clubul Atletic Timișoara was a football club based in Timișoara, western Romania. It was founded in 1902 and dissolved in 1936.


The club was founded in 1902 and was led by Dr. Adalbert Mesko – president, Rudolf Trinksz – vice-president and ing. Victor Covaci. In 1913 it wins the Timișoara District Championship with the following team: Drexler – Löbl, Soma, Scholmanski, Aichiger, Rausberger – Franz, Bauer, Weinberger, Molnár II, Molnár I.

After World War I it regularly participates at the Timișoara District Championship, starting with the autumn of 1921. Players used during the 1921–27 period numbered a lot of known internationals, such as: Zimmermann, Kozovits, Holz, Raffinski.

At the end of the 1925–26 season, it finished first and qualified at the final tournament of the national championship. But, after a litigation it is replaced by Chinezul Timișoara and loses the chance to appear in the competition.

In 1934, CA wins the West League, using the following players: Konrad – Havas, Zarkoczy – Iania, Kohn, Faragó – Cărăbuș, Korony, Possak, Molnár, Somogy and plays a double play-off match to promote to the Divizia A against România Cluj. Although it won the first match, CA lost the rematch – set after a litigation – and instead of playing in the Divizia A, it played in the first season of the Divizia B.

In the summer of 1936, CA Timișoara disappeared after a merger with RGM Timișoara, the new team being named CAM Timișoara.