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CERT (Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training)
Type Commercial Arm of the
Higher Colleges of Technology
Joint stock company
Founded Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1996)
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1996)
Key personnel Nahayan Mabarak
Al Nahayan
, Chairman
Dr Tayeb A. Kamali, Vice-Chairman
Robert W. Richards, Chief Executive Officer
Brian H. Colbourne, C.A., Chief Operating Officer
David Hall, Vice-President, Technology
Industry Education and technology
Subsidiaries CERT University
CERT Education and Research City
CERT Technology Ventures
CERT Thales Institute
CERT Institute for Languages
NexGen Technologies
Capitalization AED 1 Billion (USD 400 million)
Employees 225 (2006)
Website www.certonline.com

The CERT (Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training) Group of Companies began as the commercial arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates, and has grown to be the largest private education provider in the Middle East. CERT is also the largest MENA (Middle East North Africa) investor in the discovery and commercialization of technology, investing USD 35 million in 2006.

In 2005, CERT signed Telematics with IBM, that has led to the development of Telematics technology in the United Arab Emirates. CERT provides the only super computing center in the South Asia, Middle East, North Africa region. The CERT Blue Gene supercomputer[1] offers 5.7 teraflops calculating speed to corporate clients for use in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and genetics research as well as oil and gas simulation.

CERT Technology Park in the UAE is home to international companies such as Intel, Honeywell and Lucent Technologies.

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