Ca Lu Combat Base

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Ca Lu Combat Base
Quảng Trị Province
Ca Lu Combat Base USMC Vietnam 1968.jpg
Ca Lu Combat Base in December 1968
Coordinates16°41′31.51″N 106°53′8.49″E / 16.6920861°N 106.8856917°E / 16.6920861; 106.8856917 (Ca Lu Combat Base)
Site history
In use1967–1969
Battles/warsVietnam Service Medal ribbon.svg
Vietnam War

Ca Lu Combat Base (Vietnamese: Cà Lu) was a United States Marine Corps base located on Highway or Route 9, near Krông Klang, Đa Krông District, western Quảng Trị Province, South Vietnam. [1][2]

Map showing location of the Ca Lu Combat Base

Ca Lu was the western terminus of Highway 9 for the U.S. Marines since the road was cut between there and the Khe Sanh Combat Base. The 3rd Marine Division had overall command and control of the DMZ area.[3] The 3d Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment under Lt. Col. Gorton C. Cook manned both The Rockpile and Ca Lu Combat Base in 1968.

Operation Lancaster ran between 1 November 1967 and 20 January 1968, where the 9th Marine Regiment suffered 27 killed and 106 wounded and the North Vietnamese 46 killed.[4] Operation Lancaster II followed directly after Operation Lancaster was a multi-Battalion operation that ran from 21 January and lasted until 23 November 1968, resulting in 1,801 known North Vietnamese casualties and 359 killed U.S. Marines and 1,713 wounded.[5]

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