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The Cab-Bike is a velomobile that has been in production since 1998. Designed by Rinehold Schwemmer and manufactured by German Eslava, it was developed as a vehicle that would permit year-round commuting. Its features include a self-supporting Monocoque chassis, suspension on all three wheels, a completely enclosed chain, and a large luggage area.[1]

The vehicle is built in a modular fashion and can be converted to different designs by changing some of the exterior covers. In the "Cabin" version of the Cab-Bike, the rider is fully enclosed and protected from the elements,[2] while in the "Speedster" version the rider's head is exposed. Because of its reduced frontal area the "Speedster" is also faster than the Cabin version.[citation needed]

PIMA Velo Bike of Poland have since acquired production and trade rights for the Cab-Bike. Their technical and styling updates have given rise to the Cab-Bike Hawk.


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