Cabela's African Safari

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Cabela's African Safari
Cabela's African Safari Coverart.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) Sand Grain Studios (PS2 and PSP), Magic Wand Productions (PC), FUN Labs (Xbox 360)
Publisher(s) Activision Value
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
Release December 5, 2006
Genre(s) Hunting
Mode(s) Single-player or multiplayer

Cabela's African Safari is a hunting simulation video game, in which a player can track and stalk a variety of animals on a safari over six and seven African countries. Animals include leopards, elephants, rhinoceroses, cheetahs, cape buffalo, lions, hippopotamus, crocodiles and many others. The game was published by Activision Value, in conjunction with hunting supply company Cabela's. It was the second Cabela's game to be released on the Xbox 360 and third on the PSP.

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