Caerphilly mountain

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Caerphilly mountain and Caerphilly Common
Triangulation point on the summit of Caerphilly Mountain
The new and old Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar
Caerphilly Common

Caerphilly mountain (Welsh: mynydd Caerffili) lies between Cardiff and Caerphilly at the southern edge of the South Wales Coalfield. Its summit is 271 metres (889 ft) above sea-level.[1]

Since 1957 there has been a small wooden Snack Bar located near to the summit. In September 2011 this is being replaced by an eco-friendly permanent building, with under floor heating, solar panels and rainwater-flushed toilets, at a cost of £300,000.[2] The mountain includes Caerphilly Common (Welsh: Comin Caerffili).

The climb features regularly on the Tour of Britain cycle race, with double climbs in the 2012 and 2013 races.[3][4]


Coordinates: 51°33′44″N 3°13′24″W / 51.56228°N 3.22334°W / 51.56228; -3.22334