Cameron's Brewing Company

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Cameron's Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1997
Headquarters 1165 Invicta Dr. Oakville, ON, Ph: 905-849-8282
Products Beer
Owner Bill Coleman, Private

Cameron's Brewing Company is a brewery just outside Toronto in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1997, Cameron's produces many different beers including 4 core beers, Cameron's Cream Ale, Cameron's Auburn Ale, Cameron's Lager and Cameron's RPA (Rye Pale Ale). As of 2013, the beers are imported into the United States and available in Ohio, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. In Canada, they are only sold in the province of Ontario and are available at the brewery or in the LCBO and The Beer Store.

Cameron's was known for selling beer in 9-packs of beer for much of the brewery's first years, now however the brewery sells in traditional 6-packs.

Cameron's Brewing Company won 2 medals in the 2007 and 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards.[citation needed] They won 3 in the 2009 Canadian Brewing Awards out of 4 beers submitted.[1]

In 2010 added more awards from The U.S. Open Beer Championship (Gold for Lager in the American Lager Category),[2] The Canadian Brewing Awards (Gold for Dark 266 and Bronze for Cream Ale).[3]


  • Cream Ale
  • Auburn Ale
  • Lager
  • RPA (Rye Pale Ale)
  • 226Dark
  • Sirius Wheat Ale
  • Obsideon Imperial Porter
  • Deviator Dopplebock
  • One Eyed Grouse
  • White Oat Savant
  • Resurrection Roggenbier
  • Rye Bock
  • California Sunshine APA (American Pale Ale)
  • Pistols at Dawn Red Ale


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