Road of Hell (1946 film)

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Road of Hell
Directed by Luis Saslavsky and Daniel Tinayre
Written by Luis Saslavsky and Ariel Cortazzo
Music by César Brero
Cinematography Antonio Merayo and Mario Pagés
Distributed by Estudios San Miguel
Release date
  • 1946 (1946)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Road of Hell (Spanish:Camino del infierno) is a 1946 Argentinian film from the Estudios San Miguel.[1]


A melodramatic, psychological thriller, the film tells the story of a young wealthy widow, who is unhappy. She meets a Bohemian artist who marries her to escape the poverty of his family, but is stifled by her possessiveness and jealousy. The plot centers around a love triangle, which was bold for its time.[1]


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