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Coordinates: 32°50′11″N 96°46′18″W / 32.836338°N 96.771688°W / 32.836338; -96.771688 Campisi's Restaurant is an Italian restaurant located in Dallas, Texas, USA offering a self-described Roman cuisine.

The facility was founded as Campisi's Egyptian Lounge in 1946 by Joseph Campisi. Renamed Campisi's Restaurant, it began serving restaurant customers in 1946.

The Campisi family continues to own and manage the restaurant and have opened six additional branches throughout the Dallas area.

Campisi's is well known locally for its founder's connections to organized crime,[1] a fact the restaurant capitalizes on for publicity.[2] Jack Ruby was a regular at the restaurant and ate there the day before the assassination of John F. Kennedy.[3][4] After his arrest for killing Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby asked that Joe Campisi come and visit Ruby in jail.[3] Joe Campisi and his wife visited with Jack Ruby in jail for ten minutes on November 30, 1963.[3]

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